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Use “Explainer” Videos to Get More Business Online

An explainer video does exactly what it says it does.

An explainer video explains what your business can do for your potential customer and why they should choose you over other competing businesses. It can be either a live action video such as the Dollar Shave Club Video or an animation, like the Social Media Awareness “Explainer” Video.

The use of explainer videos has exploded

It’s not just because people don’t like to read or because Americans have increasingly shorter attention spans. When done right, these videos are proven to help you to get more business.  Here are the top 6 reasons your business might invest in an explainer video.

  1. Clarify What Your Product Does: Explainer videos make it easy for your potential customers to understand the usefulness and basic function of your product or service. This is especially helpful if it is new, complicated or intangible. When you explain the concepts using graphics and symbols, it is both easier to understand and more engaging.
  2. Grab Audience Attention: Video uses sound, images and movement to generate interest – much more interesting than blocks of text, PowerPoint presentations, or even infographics, as much as we love them! (Be sure to check out this infographic on video before you read on!)
  3. Rank Better in Google Search: Industry insiders tell us that websites with videos rank higher in Google universal searches. This might be because Google owns Youtube,  but it’s probably because people spend more time on your website if you have engaging content, and Google rewards you for this.
  4. Get “Shareable” Content: People are much more likely to share videos than text blocks on a website.  This helps spread news of your business through social media, and also helps you with search rankings.
  5. Showcase Your Personality: The number one thing that makes a customer come back to you is your personality. It is important that a customer can put a face to your name. It helps them gain a sense of trust in you and the products you sell. After watching the Dollar Shave Club Video I felt like I knew, liked and trusted the company. If you’re not as good-looking or personable as the young man in this video, an animated video can be used to give your business personality and character.
  6. Increase Conversion Rates: According to a recent survey conducted by Video Rascal, 85% of people are more likely to buy a product once they see an accompanying explainer video.

PiCon recently created an animated video for SMI Aware.  This software is used by HR departments, private investigators and legal professionals to search the deep web during employee background checks and investigation. The video identifies the issues that investigators have and offers solutions.  See: Social Media Awareness “Explainer” Video

Is it time to add the power of video to your site?

Please call me at 412-563-0976 or email [email protected] if you would like to create an explainer video and add it to your website.


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