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Five Things I’ve Learned Working at a Web Design Company

five-things-learned-at-web-design-studioHaving worked only in the corporate sector for most of my professional life, and after taking time off to be a stay-at-home mom, it was exciting to join PiCon Web Design two years ago. I had known Pauline Connelly from a few years prior when I did some part-time work for her but, alas, was replaced by an accounting software program.  Back then PiCon was a home-based business and has since moved to offices in Mt. Lebanon.

So what have I learned?

1. Hip to the lingo

In any business there are industry-specific terms and the web design business is no different.  Learning such words as callouts, building out, scripting out, back-end, sidebars, themes, navigation bar, responsive site, add-ons and my personal favorite, widgets, has been an adventure.

2. The creative atmosphere

Being around creative people who bounce ideas off of each other is very different from the suit-and-tie or engineering atmosphere I was used to. It’s fast-paced yet relaxed, quiet yet loud, and actually a lot of fun.

3. Code is your friend

The two computer classes I had in college turned me off to programming, yet I have discovered that   is essential when adding spaces to a site.

4. Web browsers are also your friend

You can find a video or information on anything, from how to generate reports in a new accounting software you are not familiar with to forms needed to file the new LST tax in your municipality.  What did we do before the internet?

5. I can’t crash a site

Something I do or don’t do to a site can’t make it go down!  It may look wrong but at least that can be fixed.  During my first few weeks of work my hands were shaking when I was doing anything on a customer’s site until I was reassured that I wouldn’t completely wipe it out. What a relief!!

~ Debbie

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